Mission Statement

The El Dorado Motel / Apartments is a for profit small business which takes pride in providing for an inadequately met need in our society.  “Weekly utility-furnished studios with full kitchens” provides a built in money-management benefit to the renter facing money challenges.  We now meet a larger number of clients but for shorter times.  We offer more people a chance to rebound into better housing after enjoying a short reprieve from stress and/or homelessness in one of our studios.

We not only don’t discriminate but we appreciate a variety of people from all walks of life and with varying needs.  Health and Safety must not be sacrificed for monetary profit. Studio units were originally designed for a single occupant and we are willing to s-t-r-e-t-c-h the use but will not overcrowd any unit (considering both quantity of occupants and quality of use).

Sound ethics is a huge part of success.  Business is just one more opportunity to give a little within an exchange.  Money is good but money is not everything.  See charity discount.

We care about our neighbors and our neighborhood.  We support the local government and the government at large.  We recognize the importance of sustainable living and recycling and hope to ever increase our attention toward protecting the earth, its air and waters. God bless Clear Lake and the surrounding lands.