Pet Owner Responsibilities

We do not allow you to have a pet stay with you for just a “short visit”.

We reserve the right to limit your stay based on quantity of occupants, human or otherwise. The more occupants in a room, the more wear and tear and the more drama tends to take place. We advertise that one or two people can comfortably stay in a room.

Now, when you add a single pet…there are three bodies in the room. If you also have an occasional overnight visiting child, your room is then overcrowded. We will not take folks in that have large pets or more than two pets. We charge up to $75 deposit per body (both humans and animals). We believe that all pets are essentially “companion” animals and thus we still charge the “pet deposit”. Only certified guide dogs are exempt.

All pets need to be on leash with owner holding the other end with clean up bag ready. Dogs attract dogs, so if you have a dog, we ask you to take responsibility for any poo in your front or back yard, even if it is a neighbor’s dog attracted to your dog. Plan on cleaning ten percent more than just your own dog’s and maybe nobody has to step in any.

If any fleas become a problem anywhere on the property, then we will need to see proof that you are dipping or flea collaring your animal.

We have zero tolerance for barking dogs.¬†Please don’t leave pets unattended for long periods of time. Absolutely no pets are to be kept in vehicles in our lot.

Due to the difficulty in getting insurance coverage, we cannot accept dogs on the “dangerous breeds list” nor can we allow animals that have a history of biting etc.¬†