Having a firm but fair management system creates a feeling of care for those who stay and seek a peaceful environment. People are delighted with the quiet, courteous neighbors on site. It might seem to most folks that our rules simply state the obvious but what is obvious to most of us may not seem obvious to others. Mutual respect and good communication are the keys to success here at the El Dorado Motel.

Some short term leases available after four weeks “low drama” stay. Upon lease the 9% transient occupancy tax (aka “bed tax”) can be dropped off the weekly charge.

ROOM CHARGE PER WEEK $350.00 (plus tax) for full sized studio units


  • Allow dialogue; do not scold or scream (emotional outburst) at management.
  • Deliver timely “rent”. The late fee is $10 per day… less stress, less charge.
  • Respect your neighbors, limit noise, do no damage. No visiting pets.
  • Quiet hours between 10 pm and 8 am (no non-occupants).
  • Free parking for one active (registered) vehicle per occupant.
  • Service vehicles off property; protect the parking lot. Use ashtrays.
  • Disturbing neighbors in the night (fights/arguments, etc.) is cause for immediate removal from room without a refund.
  • Management may require occupant to vacate immediately upon any health/safety concerns.
  • Keep pathways clear: limited outside back storage (by approval only).
  • No napkins, grease, latex, paper towels, fem. hygiene items in toilet/drains.
  • Tell management of needed repairs; it prevents continuing damage.
  • Properly ventilate the unit and use appropriate cleaners to reduce mildew resulting from condensation especially around windows and shower stall, etc.
  • No air conditioners. Open bath window to ventilate while using the evaporative cooler.
  • We reserve the right to inspect your unit for health & safety.
  • We reserve the right to have you leave at the end of the last paid week.
  • We respect recyclers. Each unit has two lined cans in back for solid waste. Use one for recycling mixed glass, paper, metals, plastic, and cardboard.