Short-Term Lease

If as our guest, after three weeks, you would like a little more time to find housing elsewhere, the El Dorado Motel has some openings for apartment use for up to a six month stay. If lease is desired by both management and renter, then it must be negotiated as to price, have a signed lease, add $850 to original transient deposit and get PG&E in renter’s name.  Leases are generally for either a three or six month stay.  Once on a lease, the bed tax need not be charged and the price of rent is knocked down about 25% or more.

This style of mixed length rental allows you to benefit from the low-stress stay we provide at the El Dorado Motel.

Our goal is to serve more people for shorter tenancy periods.  We often find folks quite satisfied with an “up to three week stay” without the need for a lease.